National Awards for Housing Excellence:

In 2016 we are honoured to win in the following categories:

  • Best Custom Home Million+
  • Best Landscape - New
  • Best Any Room - New

Mike Lobe is easiest the best, most professional, caring builder I have ever had the pleasure to work with

Mike Lobe Contracting built my dream home and I could not be happier with the construction, layout and just the incredible service Mike provided from the beginning to the very end of construction. The hardest part of the whole process was not seeing Mike on a regular basis after the house was complete

Mike's professional attitude and his relationship with the various sub-trades was impressive. Mike is a great communicator and would fully explain his thought process regarding any rogue decisions I may have had during the planning stage. His eye for design is exceptional and Mike really cares about making his clients happy!

I love my house for the incredible detail and amazing workmanship that went into making it truly my dream home. If I didn't plan on living here for the rest of my days, I would not hesitate to have Mike build me another home.

I highly recommend Mike Lobe Contracting and would be happy to answer any further questions.


When we decided to build a new house after almost fifteen years, we knew that picking a builder would be a critical decision. Of course we wanted someone skilled and reputable, but most importantly we wanted someone we could work with. Being a couple with strong opinions and ideas, we needed a builder that could work with us, guide, encourage and occasionally mediate. Mike Lobe was that builder for us.

Throughout the process never once did Mike say something was not possible, he would research, design, innovate and create so the end product was unique and beautiful while still cost effective. That being said, Mike also challenged us to think through our ideas and decisions carefully, pointing out pros and cons and alternatives as necessary. The highest quality of work was demanded by Mike; where there were mistakes or concerns, which will happen in any year long process, Mike was able to deal with them professionally using his strong communication and people skills. As the homeowners, this helped us to never feel in the middle of a conflict.

The building of our home was really a collaborative effort. Throughout the process we knew that Mike and his team of trades had our best interests in mind and took on the project as if it was their own. The best praise we can give is that each time we walk in our home, we say how much we love it. It is the place we always want to be…home.

Lot 5 - Eagle Mountain

It was a pleasure working with Mike on our dream home. Building a very custom house like ours can be challenging at best, but Mike met this head on with his extreme patience, knowledge and experience. It’s not too often you find a building contractor that you have full confidence in his workmanship, organizational skills, and making decisions in the home owners best interest. Mike’s attention to detail, his high quality and that of his subcontractors’ work make it easy to recommend him to anyone considering building a custom home.

During the project my wife Kim became very ill and we were not available to monitor the project as much as we would have liked but Mike did an excellent job of taking over some of the details and carried out the construction on our house as if it was his own. We are extremely grateful for that, as it took a large stress load off of us during a very difficult period in our lives.

If you are looking for a project manager to build your new home we would highly recommend you hire Mike Lobe for your project.

Mission Timber Frame
Thanks Kim and Ed

"When a builder hires a builder to build his own home you can rest assured he'll give much thought to who that person should be. We chose Mike because of his intense attention to detail. I knew he would devote more time and research more diligently than I would, the details it takes to make our new home what we wanted it to be. I was confident he would think through design at early stages to avoid wrong or substandard end results. Our suspicions were confirmed, the finished product was what we had envisioned."

"Mike worked well with our design team, recommended good quality sub trades and suppliers, displayed much patience and tact in the midst of our many indecisive moments and completed the project in a timely manner. He has a good knowledge and understanding of high end new home construction."

"I whole heartily recommend Mike to anyone looking for a project manager to build their new home."



"We love our renovation! Mikes knowledge and experience assisted us in designing our new main floor. His vision lead us to greatly improve our concept. His vast knowledge of products simplified our decision making. He directed us to options that best suited our needs."

"Mike was always available to answer any questions or concerns. His trades people were always courteous, on time and did meticulous work. We would definitely recommend Mike to our family and friends!"

Peter and Debbie


“In working with Mike on the interiors of a beach house, I saw his desire for good quality workmanship. He bonded well with the clients and strived to meet their move-in deadline, which was very important to them. He often made recommendations and we would collaborate on creative results. I am pleased with the finished result of the project.”

Interior Designer

Mike is a consummate professional. His attention to detail is unmatched and his ability to resolve construction issues is from years of experience and numerous projects. We appreciated his patience when helping us make tough decisions for our project. His ideas and forethought provided us with an outstanding product. We are proud of our home and the company that built it and would not hesitate to use Mike and his respectful and experienced crews for future projects. We Love our home!

Townshipline J + N

"When we set out to build our new home we gathered several names of qualified builders then short listed and interviewed three with significant experience in custom home building. Building a custom home is more than just construction it is in part an artistic endeavour. Mikes attention to detail and his willingness to offer his expert opinion while respecting whose cheque book pays the bills allowed for a truly collaborative experience and a fantastic outcome."

"A couple of times during the build we were headed in a direction which Mike understood we most likely would not be happy with long term. He would patiently and gently bring us to reconsider the decision with his primary goal being our full satisfaction. We are grateful for both his people skills and his professional experience."

Mike and Karen


"As a company who deals directly with Mike Lobe in his projects, we appreciate the effort and organization that Mike brings to every job. These skills are shown and produced in his quality."

"We would recommend Mike Lobe for your project."

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