Mike Lobe

Mike Lobe

Quality and attention to details are the cornerstones to all things which last. Mike believes that to be true in most aspects of life, and works hard to ensure his approach to each project reflects that vision.

“I think communication and trust are important aspects of each building relationship, and want a project that runs smooth, focused and relatively stress free. I would like my clients to enjoy the process and have lasting memories of their building experience.

Mike has a long and extensive background in construction. Since 1988, starting as a framer Mike has been in the business of custom residential homes in the lower mainland, learning the industry through years of specific and detailed experience from the ground up.

Active in the consulting, design and structural components of residential and commercial contracting, Mike brings these experiences to each project to work at creating something new and unique for each client.

Mike has a very hands on approach to each project and each detail… ”I believe in solid teamwork and having great people to work with. It takes many good hands to build a great home. I strive to keep a team of highly experienced trades, and quality people to work with in creating each detail.”

“I think good leadership creates a healthy environment and a culture where people can do their best work… and all of these small details together make for a great final product.”

“I work hard toward the end goal of a finished project which ultimately reflects my clients, their needs, their dreams and of course their budget.”